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Posted by on Mar 27, 2015 in Air Conditioning |

How Can You Know When You Need Air Conditioning Service in San Antonio TX?

How Can You Know When You Need Air Conditioning Service in San Antonio TX?

When your air conditioning system begins breaking down, you quickly realize just how important these systems are for your home and family. Without air conditioning, your family can suffer during the hot summer months, making the environment of your home miserable. Keeping your system running properly is crucial for extending the life of your system. Through this information, you will learn what to look for so you will know when you need Air Conditioning Service in San Antonio TX.

  • When your AC system begins making unusual sounds, you need to call for Air Conditioning Service in San Antonio TX right away. Continuing to run the system in this state could end up resulting in major damages to the inner components. The sooner you have your system repaired, the less likely major damages will occur.

  • AC systems will typically begin freezing up when they are low on Freon or a condenser is going bad. Both of these issues can be easy to correct, but should not be overlooked. If a system is left on while it is frozen, this could lead to the motor being destroyed. Always shut down your system and wait for it to be repaired before turning it back on.

  • If your system is no longer cooling your home properly, this needs to be investigated. Home-owners often notice some rooms stay warmer than others or the home never seems to reach the set temperature.

  • In some cases, an AC system may stop blowing out cool air or the force of the air may be greatly diminished. This could signal a problem with the ductwork or could be a more serious problem. A HVAC professional can come out and find the cause of the problem so it can be repaired.

If you have noticed any of these problems with your AC system, it is time to call for repair right away. Contact M&M Weatherization and allow them to come out and inspect your system. This will allow them to find the source of the problem so it can be properly repaired. Prompt repairs can help extend the life of your system. You can also visit them on Facebook