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Posted by on Feb 5, 2021 in Apartment Building, Uncategorized |

How Can You Avoid Rental Fraud When Looking for a Student Apartment?

How Can You Avoid Rental Fraud When Looking for a Student Apartment?

If you’re looking for off-campus apartments, it’s important to keep a lookout for potential signs of apartment fraud. Some landlords will offer amenities to their tenants like a gym and a free outdoor pool–and when you move in, you discover it was all a lie. Other landlords exaggerate the apartment’s good qualities or use pictures from a completely different apartment to trick you into thinking you’re getting a deal. How can you avoid becoming the victim of rental fraud?

How to Avoid Rental Fraud

The best way to avoid rental fraud is to stick with off-campus student apartments in Springfield. Student apartments aren’t like traditional apartments. They’re located near the college of your choice and house dozens or hundreds of college students each year. Unlike traditional apartments, student apartments allow you to tour the facilities before you sign a contract. They also have active social media accounts that allow you to see what’s going on throughout the year.

When you move into a student apartment, you know you’re getting exactly what the unit promised on the website. These places have no reason to defraud vulnerable college students–they’re actively working to help them succeed. Many student apartments even work with the college campus to plan parties and social events.

If you’re considering off-campus student apartments in Springfield, check out The 505 website today. You can apply for a room right away and secure your spot when the apartment opens in the fall. The website also offers a list of amenities. Contact now.