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Posted by on May 14, 2019 in Law attorney |

How Can a Personal Injury Attorney Help Me?

How Can a Personal Injury Attorney Help Me?

Someone injured in a car accident may think a car injury lawyer is an option to be considered only in extreme cases. There are many advantages, however, to getting a professional to look out for your interests as soon as possible.

Every injury is complicated
Although the priority is always taking care of the medical issues, a person injured in a car accident is immediately thrust into a complex web of legal and financial pressures. Added to medical expenses and loss of work are the complicated processes of proving liability and making insurance claims.

Your opponent is expertly prepared
As with any business, insurance companies want to pay out the least possible in expenses. They are expertly prepared to challenge any claim and reduce it to the least amount possible. Having an auto accident lawyer on your side will make it possible for you to have your interests fairly represented.

An attorney can immediately assess your situation
One of the first things a car injury lawyer can do is evaluate the severity of your injury and make a knowledgeable estimate of what compensation such an injury deserves. A car accident attorney works with cases like yours every day and can fit yours on a scale of fair compensation amounts.

Filing a claim takes time and effort
Even in simple cases, a claimant will have to obtain records such as police reports, medical records, work records, and damage assessments to the car.

In more complicated cases, where liability is contested, it may even be necessary to interview the other driver, interview witnesses to the accident, or gather evidence. Having an auto accident lawyer can ensure these tasks are done correctly and with your interests in mind.

Claims can be rejected on a technicality
Most of us don’t read our insurance policies and would have a hard time understanding them if we did. A car accident attorney can make sure your claim doesn’t have any weak points an insurance company could focus on to reduce or deny your compensation.

A car injury lawyer can advise you if a lawsuit is necessary

The losses resulting from a car accident may be so serious that the only way to receive the compensation you deserve is through a lawsuit. A car injury lawyer is the best person to advise you on such a decision. They have been through similar cases many times, and you will have the benefit of their experience.

If you decide to file a lawsuit, you’re going to need help
Let’s suppose your injury is serious, and probably will result in medical expenses or loss of work for months or years to come. Under such circumstances, your car accident attorney may decide the best way to protect your interests is with a lawsuit.

This is an action in which you will need professional help. In Michigan, for example, No Fault law makes filing a personal injury lawsuit a complicated undertaking.

Having a car injury lawyer can help you get a better settlement
You can expect the insurance companies are going to have capable and experienced lawyers to challenge your claim. However, the fact that you have your own legal team can make them more willing to agree to a settlement that is fair to you.

You don’t pay anything to start
Many auto accident lawyers in Michigan work on a contingency fee policy. They will take your case but will only charge you for their services if there is a successful outcome.

Sooner is better than later
If you have been injured in a car accident, it’s to your advantage to seek an attorney’s advice early in the process. Doing so can greatly benefit your future.