Home Health Care Services: What to Expect During Your First Visit

by | Sep 30, 2014 | Healthcare

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During your hospital stay, your doctor’s orders may include home care as part of your discharge plan. There are some great benefits to receiving these services. While it is a wonderful support during your recovery, feeling unsure about what you should expect or how to prepare for home health care is normal. Here are a few things you should expect during your first visit.

Before Your Visit

Your doctor and home health care services team will work together to determine what your care requirements will be once you arrive home. Once discharged, take care of filling prescriptions and then get plenty of rest. You’ll receive a phone call from your home health care agency to schedule your first visit with your nurse. Be advised that a nurse will most likely not arrive at your home the first day you are discharged from the hospital. Your first day back home is a day for you to get settled in and prepare for the nurse’s call. During the initial phone call with your nurse, it is a good time to ask any questions you may have regarding what to expect or how to prepare for the nurse’s arrival.

During the Visit
At the initial visit to your home, a nurse from home health care services will conduct an interview, evaluation, and go over your care plan. It is a good idea that your caregiver is present during the initial visit to understand the information, care, and techniques associated with your care. You’ll be informed of all of the specialists, therapists social workers, dietitians, etc. that will be a part of your recovery plan. It is important that you and the nurse comply with the doctor’s orders. The nurse will also review any discharge instructions you’ve received from your doctor.

Your nurse will also ensure the ordering of all of your medical supplies and the scheduling of your follow-up appointments. During the course of the visit, your home health care provider and/or nurse will do a physical evaluation including:

* Take your vitals.
* Check your incision sites or wounds.
* Give medications.
* Educate you self-care management.

After the Initial Visit

After your first visit, you’ll know how to manage your condition, your care, and your medication to have a smooth recovery process. When receiving home health care services, they support your during your time of recovery. Whether you need medical, personal, household, or emotional care, a home health nurse will develop and implement a care plan to meet your specific needs.

A proactive approach to your care is crucial to speed up the recovery time and promote disease prevention. You, along with your family and/or caregiver, will need to work hand in hand with home health care to successfully transition from the hospital to home. For more information visit Capital City Nurses

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