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Posted by Judie Langford on Aug 6, 2014 in Moving

Hiring The Right Movers For The Job

Hiring The Right Movers For The Job

One of the most annoying and time-consuming things about moving is having to pack and move all your stuff. No one enjoys moving from one place to another, but hiring Movers makes the process a whole lot easier. If you are going to be moving in the near future and need a moving company, here are a few tips on hiring the right one for you.

Check Their Reviews

Hiring Movers can be a wonderful experience or it can be the worst decision you ever made. Every moving company you look up will say they are the best and worth the price, so never take their word for it! Looking up a potential moving company on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) site will give you a good idea as to how they are rated in service and price. If the company isn’t listed on the BBB site, don’t even call them.

Hourly Rate VS Project Rate

Some moving companies rate their job by what and how much they will be moving. Some rate their job by the hour. If you find a company who rates by how much you have to move, get a firm estimate before you have them move anything. You don’t want to be stuck with added costs because they didn’t estimate how heavy your belongings would be. If you find a company who rates their job by the hour, make sure that they have an excellent reputation.

Many moving companies can cost you more by dragging out their day so that they will be paid more. While hourly can be an iffy situation, if you find a reputable company that does excellent work, you should be ok. Also, make sure the guys do a walk through so they know exactly what they are going to move. This also aids in their hourly rate stability.

Damage Policy

No move goes off without at least some minor hitch, but damaged furniture shouldn’t be one of them. Though some damage may not be preventable during transport, make sure the company you hire has a firm damage policy and insurance to cover any possible damage that may occur. If you look up a company and they are vague on their damage policy, keep looking.

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful. Hiring a great moving company like Aaron Bros Moving System Inc can make all the difference in being exhausted at the end of the move day and being excitedly optimistic about decorating your place.

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