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Posted by on Aug 14, 2019 in Construction and Maintenance |

Here’s What You Need to Know About Options for Waterproofing Your Commercial Building

Here’s What You Need to Know About Options for Waterproofing Your Commercial Building

Water intrusion remains a complex building construction problem to remedy for both commercial and residential applications. Your water intrusion preparation and prevention strategy is a critical resource to help you mitigate risks. Remediation vendors offer various waterproofing solutions to protect your buildings. Concrete armor flashing, for example, employs a protective membrane that keeps water from penetrating common entry points and vulnerable areas. It’s the perfect waterproofing solution for the edges of barrier materials, joints in your commercial building structures, and so on.

Waterproofing Membrane Curing for Moisture Sources

The source of your moisture problem can be internal or external. Some examples of internal moisture sources include your plumbing, mechanical components, and other indoor building-related fixtures. External sources include the exterior structures of your building, such as windows, expansion joints, roof, sub-slabs, and so forth. Nowadays, builders exercise extreme vigilance to minimize moisture permeation and protect the building infrastructure. 

How Excess Moisture Can Cost Your Business Serious Money

You’re liable to spend a fortune to restore the building’s foundation if you ignore moisture problems for too long. It is equally frustrating and costly when you do not have a preventative waterproofing strategy in place. With specialty construction applications like armor flashing, your building will hold up against moisture permeation that can promote mold growth. Water intrusion that goes unchecked will eventually create an environment for mold to thrive, which causes serious health issues.

Benefits of Commercial Building Concrete Flashing

You might not be privy to know that armor flashing for your concrete building can reflect sunlight and heat. With this, you will enjoy energy efficiency benefits in the form of reduced HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) consumption, especially during the dry season. With lower humidity levels, your building will regulate favorable temperatures, which makes the environment hospitable and safe. 

Your investments, including high-end equipment and technologies, will be protected as well. Installation is worry-free and will not disrupt production. Waterproofing membranes extend the life of your commercial building and protect it against critical damage that can compromise the core infrastructure.