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Posted by on Jul 3, 2019 in Business |

Helping Small Businesses: Pandwe Gibson And EcoTech Visions

Helping Small Businesses: Pandwe Gibson And EcoTech Visions

It can be very difficult as a small business or an entrepreneur to find the support needed to launch a new product line or to develop new technology, product, or service. Banks and traditional lenders may not be interested in new ventures, and simply finding physical space to get started in developing a prototype can seem like an impossible search.

This used to be the case in Miami, but Pandwe Gibson and EcoTech Visions have created a very positive, proactive, and business-friendly opportunity. Dr. Pandwe Gibson, who has a Ph.D., M.A, MBA, and M.Ed, has the business experience as well as the passion to turn her vision for green technology and manufacturing in the Miami area, into a reality that benefits this underserved sector of the community.

What is EcoTech Visions?

Pandwe Gibson is EcoTech Visions, and she is the Founder and President of this business incubator and maker space. Now located in 25,000 square feet of space, this unique development opportunity for small business houses everything needed in one space.

Within EcoTech Visions, the small business owner can have a physical office or a virtual office, has the use of conference rooms and training options, and also has access to a range of business resources. The incubator itself offers access to computers and equipment, a prototyping lab, and a full range of light manufacturing opportunities. It also offers coaching, financial support, and options for networking that helps business to business (B2B) sales and opportunities in the green industry sector.

Small business owners can choose membership levels to meet their needs, or they can choose a la carte services to stay in their budget. With a true collaborative energy, this is a focused space for green business growth, development, marketing, and support.