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Posted by Judie Langford on Jul 17, 2014 in Business

Health and Cost Benefits of “Vaping”

Health and Cost Benefits of “Vaping”

Electronic cigarettes are an increasingly popular way to quit smoking cigarettes, with one Vapor Store after another opening all over the country. E-cigarettes are considerably cheaper than tobacco cigarettes, and much safer for smokers and for those who live with or around them.

It’s a pleasant alternative to trying to quit cold turkey. Studies in Europe indicate that hard-core smokers trying to quit had more success with e-cigarettes than with counseling or nicotine gum or patches. If a tobacco smoker is trying to quit, electronic cigarettes are a great way to gradually reduce nicotine consumption while immediately eliminating the health hazards of burning tobacco.

The most obvious difference between regular and e-cigarettes is that the latter obviously burns no tobacco. Smoking an e-cigarette releases no odor, no carbon monoxide, and none of the other carcinogens and toxins released by burning tobacco. The active ingredients are, of course, nicotine, along with assorted flavorings and additives, heated up and vaporized by a lithium battery.

A vaporizing e-cigarette does release some nicotine into the air, but almost ten times less than from regular cigarettes. This takes care of the problem of secondhand smoke, since anybody around an e-smoker will inhale a little water vapor at most.

E-cigarettes are easier on the pocketbook as well as the lungs. A pack-a-day tobacco cigarette smoker spends almost one thousand dollars a year on their habit. The starter kit for e-cigarettes, along with a year’s worth of replacement cartridges, runs about six hundred dollars–almost a forty per cent savings. Some components of an e-cigarette, like batteries, are rechargeable and won’t ever need to be replaced. And if a smoker is trying to quit, gradually reducing their nicotine consumption, the replacement cartridge costs will be much lower.

Many discounts and promotional price reductions are available at and other websites for a specific Vapor Store or cafe. Obviously, nicotine is an addictive substance. Pregnant women, those with impaired lung or heart functioning, and children shouldn’t use e-cigarettes. But for smokers trying to quit or who just want to try a safer, cheaper alternative to cigarettes, “vaping” is an excellent option.