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Posted by Judie langford on Jan 11, 2019 in Security

Guide to Finding Social Security Lawyers near Oklahoma City, OK

Guide to Finding Social Security Lawyers near Oklahoma City, OK

Many Oklahoma residents are overwhelmed by the Social Security Disability application process. Just a quick search online and countless examples are available detailing the nightmare applicant’s go through. With a failure rate at around 70% for applicants who do not hire a lawyer, many Oklahoma residents hire Social Security lawyers near Oklahoma City, OK to assist them with their Social Security Disability claim. Finding an experienced and skilled attorney may make the difference between an approval and a rejection for your claim.

Look for Referrals

Talk with others who have applied for Social Security Disability about their experiences. Ask them about any attorneys they have consulted with about their disability matter and if they would recommend any of those attorneys. Read reviews online from past clients to get a feel for client satisfaction.

Experience Matters

Dealing with the Social Security Administration involves a unique set of skills and experience. Look specifically at attorneys or firms that are experienced in social security cases. Just as a patient would not want to use a podiatrist to perform their open heart surgery, a client should not want just any attorney to work on their disability case.

Consult Wisely

Reputable attorneys will offer a free initial consultation appointment to prospective clients where they can get to know the details of the case and provide advice as to the direction they would go as well as the likelihood of various outcomes. Prospective clients get an opportunity to discuss their situation and receive legal counsel with the added benefit of seeing how comfortable they are with a potential lawyer. Individuals need to use the consultation process wisely so that they do not hire a lawyer that makes them uncomfortable.


Generally speaking, social security lawyers are paid a percentage of any back benefits owed to their clients; therefore, if the claim is denied, the attorney receives no compensation. This helps to ensure that an attorney will fight hard for their clients to receive all the compensation they are entitled to. Applicants who worry about their ability to afford an attorney do not need to fear a hefty fee.

Make a Choice

After considering all of the options, individuals need to choose whether to go it alone or hire an attorney. Above all, be sure the attorney is someone with whom the client feels comfortable. For more information about Social Security lawyers near Oklahoma City, OK, visit

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