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Posted by on Jun 7, 2019 in Funeral Services |

Gravestone Memorials in Middletown, OH at Different Types of Cemeteries

Gravestone Memorials in Middletown, OH at Different Types of Cemeteries

Today, there are more options than ever before for Memorials in Middletown, OH to be created and placed as grave markers. Most people still prefer more traditional shapes and designs, but family members are increasingly choosing more unusual options that sometimes include photos.

Traditional and Unusual Shapes and Designs

For example, gravestone Memorials in Middletown, OH might be shaped like a mountain range or a natural rock with a more randomized edge. They can have engravings of hobby symbols like fishing poles or biking. They might include an engraving of evergreen trees if the person especially loved pine forests.

Often, the choices people make are directly connected with the amount of money they feel is appropriate for the headstone. The funeral, casket, and burial already have cost a significant amount of money, and this is an added expense. They still want the nicest memorial stone they can afford as a way of honoring their loved one.

Family Graveyards

Although large public cemeteries and those connected with churches are most prevalent, some families have a plot on their land set aside for graves. That has been most common in rural areas with large families all living close together, perhaps operating several farms with each other. Memorials can be ordered and placed for these sites as well.

Church Cemeteries

A church graveyard can be quite small, or it can be enormous, with substantial acreage. These are usually connected with some of the older churches. Newer churches, even when part of a denomination known for having its cemeteries, typically do not include these feature on their land.

Resting Places for Companion Animals

Some men and women decide to have their pets buried in a cemetery and memorialize these companion animals with a small gravestone. That also can be crafted by a company such as Dodds Memorials according to customer specifications. This is still an uncommon choice, partly because of the lack of organizations offering the option. Most counties in the nation do not have even one pet cemetery, and many have only one available. There are only about 700 in the United States today.