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Posted by on Feb 14, 2019 in Construction and Maintenance |

Got Garage?

Got Garage?

Home sellers look for ways of making their homes attractive to buyers. They immediately set about making curb appeal a reality. Real estate experts tell them that new garage doors go far toward selling a house. What the experts fail to tell sellers is that having no garage at all too often means no sale.

But All Houses Have Garages, Don’t They?

Well, actually, some don’t. You’ll find homes in the oldest neighborhoods in town, those built at the turn of the last century, don’t have garages. Attached garages didn’t come along until the 1960s, so look at the date the house was built if there is no attached garage.

All things being equal, however, homes without garages do sell. This is evidenced by a Chicago real estate agent, who sold two garage-less homes for over two million dollars each.

Garage Considerations

If you have an older home and wish a garage on the property, consider first what you’ll be doing with the space. Yes, garages add extra square footage to a house. However, how many times have you seen expensive cars sitting in the driveway, while lawn mowers, yard equipment, and sporting equipment take up room in the garage?

Some homeowners have Chicagoland garage builders morph their garages into media rooms, game rooms, studies, home offices, or studio apartments that they rent out. Many homeowners with detached garages turn the upstairs portion into in-law apartments. So you need to consider for what you’ll use the space before you contact builders.

While it’s true attached garages sell houses, Chicagoland garage builders will build a detached garage that will sell your house just as easily. Absolute Garage Builders will make sure your garage and its very important doors will be the perfect fit for you and your house.