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Posted by on Mar 22, 2019 in Health And Fitness |

Go To The Best Oral Surgeon For Oral Surgery in Short Hills, NJ

Go To The Best Oral Surgeon For Oral Surgery in Short Hills, NJ

There are a number of reasons why you would be required to consider oral surgery in Short Hills, NJ. Maybe you were recently in an accident and lost some of your teeth, or a recent infection has gotten out of hand and turned into a tumor that needs to be removed. However, some dentists may advise oral surgery when none is required, simply to make money. The pointers below will give you a fair idea about what needs to be operated upon, so you can be sure of what you are getting into.

Here are a few common reasons for oral surgery in Short Hills, NJ:

* Generally the wisdom teeth, or the third molar, emerges from the gums and easily gets adjusted in the jaw, since the jaw is large enough for that. But in some cases the third molar fails to appear in proper alignment and becomes entrapped between the jawbone and the gum tissue. This can be a very painful condition and is often accompanied by swelling and infection. This condition can cause permanent damage to the surrounding area, teeth, gums, and bone as well. If this is the case, any dentist will recommend the surgical removal of the wisdom teeth.

* Another reason for having oral surgery in Short Hills, NJ is tooth loss due to an accident, infection, or neglect. In this scenario your dentist will recommend dental implants or dentures. These are rooted substitutes for your lost teeth and will be surgically anchored into the jawbone to provide support to the artificial teeth.

* A lot of people have the problem of their upper jaw not being properly aligned with their lower jaw. Due to this they have trouble speaking, eating, swallowing, and even breathing. So correction of this condition is another reason for oral surgery in Short Hills, NJ. This condition can also lead to improper teeth alignment, which are easy to correct when you are young. Around the age of 14, children can have corrective dental work such as braces. But some problems stemming from this are not so simple and thus require oral surgery. Oral surgery helps normalize the upper and lower jaw relationship and make your entire mouth more functional and healthy.

* A lot of times oral surgery is required before putting in dentures to correct the irregularities in the jaws, this ensures a better fit. In other cases, supporting bone can deteriorate to an extent that dentures no longer fit properly. In such a case a bone graft is surgically added to the area to support the dentures.