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Posted by on Mar 5, 2018 in Appliances |

Getting A Refrigerator From A Kitchen Appliances Sale in Las Vegas, NV

Getting A Refrigerator From A Kitchen Appliances Sale in Las Vegas, NV

When someone has a refrigerator that is leaking water, it is likely they will want to take steps stop this problem from occurring. There are several tasks that can be taken to search for the source of a leaking refrigeration unit. If the problem is unable to be repaired, going to a Kitchen Appliances Sale in Las Vegas NV is an option. Try some of the following tips to see if a moisture problem can be reversed.

Check That The Door Is Secure

If the door to a refrigerator does not provide a tight seal, moisture can become an issue if condensation arises from temperature fluctuations. Pulling on the refrigerator door to see if it offers resistance will help in determining whether the door’s gasket is in need of replacement. If the door swings open quickly, the gasket is likely to be worn. This can be removed and a new one can be glued along the perimeter of the interior of the door to keep moisture out of the unit.

Assess The Tray Underneath

Underneath a refrigerator is a tray used for the collection of condensation. If there is a crack or hole in this tray, water will end up on the floor underneath the unit. This is a simple fix that can be remedied by purchasing a new tray for collection purposes.

Make Sure Ice Is Not Trapped

The freezer portion of a refrigeration unit will have tubing present that leads to the condensation collection tray underneath the unit. If this tubing becomes blocked with a piece of ice, water can make its way into other areas of the appliance. Defrosting the refrigeration will allow ice in this tube to melt. After the unit is plugged back in, the continuation of dripping water would indicate another problem present.

When there is a desire to look into what is available at a Kitchen Appliances Sale in Las Vegas NV, going to the right one is key to getting a new refrigerator at a great price. Take a look at Priority Appliances to find out more about the appliances they have for purchase today.