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Posted by Judie Langford on Sep 25, 2013 in Heating and Air Conditioning

Get Your AC In Gilbert Fixed The Right Way

Get Your AC In Gilbert Fixed The Right Way

Modern families are usually quite experienced with the need for comfort appliances in their homes. Without them, winters can be far too cold to bear and summers far too hot to deal with. This is why many families try to keep their heating and cooling systems well maintained and cleaned on a regular basis. This helps to ensure they have long lifespans, lasting for years to come so that they can provide their family members with the cooling and heating they will need throughout the year. When these appliances start to show problems however, the best thing you can do is hire a qualified contractor in to help repair them.

Getting work done on your AC in Gilbert when it starts to have problems producing the cool air your family needs, is something that you should be prepared to do quickly. The longer you wait to get repairs taken care of, the more costly the repairs can be, and the more damage your unit can suffer from. If the problem is with your compressor unit, the appliance could be shorting out and causing your light bill to be higher than normal, costing you even more money on your utility bill. It’s always a good idea to get a contractor in at the first signs of problems with your appliances, no matter how small you may think they really are.

Signs like strange noises coming from the unit while it’s operating, or strange smells coming from the ventilation or the appliance itself, can signify any number of issues. Constant noises for instance, may be related to the fan itself, due to debris hitting the fan as it turns constantly or the fan being dislodged somehow. Noises that occur when your compressor kicks in to start cooling your home could mean that the compressor is going out or a component inside has started to wear out. If you notice a chemical smell coming from the unit, then there may be a leak in your coolant pipes which can be a health hazard. Musty smells can be attributed to mold build up in your ventilation, or even dust build up as well. Both of which can affect your family’s health.