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Posted by on Nov 13, 2019 in Legal Services |

Get the Help You Need with a SSI Disability Lawyer in Bristol TN

Get the Help You Need with a SSI Disability Lawyer in Bristol TN

Injuries, illness, and other chronic conditions can create a permanent disability. These disabilities can make it impossible for that person to find gainful employment. Without the ability to work, it can be impossible to support one’s self or their family. It can also be impossible to get the care and treatment needed for the disability. Fortunately, there are federal programs that provide assistance for those facing such a situation. An SSI Disability Lawyer in Bristol TN can help with this process.

What is SSI?

The SSI program is a federal funding program that provides benefits for those who are blind or disabled that have little or no income. Monthly benefits are provided to help these people get the food, clothing, and shelter they need to survive. Many people on SSI also qualify for other state benefits to help their situation. To receive these benefits, disabled individuals must apply to the Social Security Administration.

Applying for SSI

The application process for SSI benefits can be long and confusing for most people. The individual must detail their disability and how it affects their ability to work. They must also provide documentation from health care professionals to prove their medical diagnosis. An SSI Disability Lawyer in Bristol TN can help applicants get through this process. An attorney understands the importance of a complete and error-free application. They can assist individuals in provide all the information and documentation needed to process this application.


Very often, those with legitimate disabilities get denied benefits. Often, these denials are due to mistakes in the application or incomplete medical records. An attorney can assist clients in filing an appeal with the Social Security Administration to have their case re-evaluated. They can assist in helping the client get the accurate information needed for their case. The attorney can also help fight this case in front of a judge if necessary to ensure their client’s rights are protected.

Receiving SSI benefits can be a long and frustrating process. Attorneys at Dean Greer and Associates can assist in the process and help ensure their clients get fair consideration and receive the benefits they qualify for and need to support themselves.