Get Rid of Damaging Carpenter Ants with Northville Insect Removal

by | Nov 27, 2013 | Pest Control

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One of the most common insect problems for Michigan residents is carpenter ants. Although many people confuse termites and carpenter ants, they are different types of insects. Carpenter ants can cause significant damage to the structure of your home with the tunnels they dig. Without Northville Insect Removal, carpenter ants will continue to tunnel through the wood structure of your home, which is where they build their colonies. There isn’t a way to single out where carpenter ants have colonized, because they typically create numerous separate colonies. The colonies do not require extensive moisture and they can often be found in window frames, attics and in the sub-flooring.

Getting rid of carpenter ants without the assistance of a Northville Insect Removal. Once you begin to notice them inside your home, there is most likely an extensive infestation. They are nocturnal, which makes it difficult to locate the colonies. A pest control company will have the experience to know the most obvious locations of a colony. When the nests have been found, the pest control company will have to drill holes into the structure of the building. Keep in mind that holes will be drilled in each location where there is a nest of the carpenter ants. Once all of the holes have been drilled, a specialized acid is injected into the holes. The acid solution is carried back to the colony, which eventually kills all of the carpenter ants in that particular colony.

The pest control technician will also spray around the perimeter of your home to prevent new carpenter ants from entering your home. To avoid the risk of a future infestation, you should inspect the outside of your home on a routine basis. Check for things that may attract the carpenter ants such as wood piles near the home, overgrown foliage that touches the exterior of your home, fences that touch the house and water leaks. Keep in mind that carpenter ants typically only come out at night, so if you notice a trail of ants in the kitchen or bathroom, they are most likely a different type of ant, but you should contact the pest control company as a precaution.

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