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Posted by on Sep 18, 2013 in Healthcare |

Get More Comfortable Medical Imaging In Minneapolis, MN

Having to get a scan for your doctor to see is traditionally an unpleasant experience. The machines that most hospitals use tend to be cramped and loud and generally designed for economy of space rather than patient comfort. This poses a particularly serious problem with patients who can not fully understand what is going on and why, such as young children, and who can easily be frightened by the experience. If you want to get more comfortable medical imaging in Minneapolis MN, there are facilities that are designed to offer this and you have a right to insist on using them.

Some researchers realized that there is a real problem with the way that imaging is normally handled. In some cases, patients would actually have to be sedated to get them into a state where they would be cooperative and remain still well enough for the doctors to get the images that they needed to proceed with diagnosis and treatment. This is naturally not a desirable situation, particularly since introducing sedatives means opening the door to possible side-effects and adverse reactions. In some cases, physicians would have to weigh the need for the scan against the possibility that they could harm the patient by attempting to do it.

This is what makes the move to open and positional scanning so important. There are now facilities that use equipment that can work on patients who are in any number of positions. In some cases, they will even scan a child while the mother is holding him or her, which makes the situation less stressful and traumatic for everyone involved. This approach and technology creates a lot of freedom in how people are being tested, which means that they can approach it in a way that makes them most comfortable and patients are more likely to comply with orders to have these tests run.

If you want this type of diagnostic test, you have a right to insist on using these facilities over the older type that you have to lie inside. Your doctor may default to sending you to someone else, but you can ask him for a referral if you wish.