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Posted by on Jun 11, 2019 in Alternative Medicine Practitioner |

Get in Shape and Have Fun While Doing It With Fitness Classes

Get in Shape and Have Fun While Doing It With Fitness Classes

If you’re tired of the same boring workouts, then you might need to enroll in some fitness classes to make the workout experience more enjoyable for you. There are tons of fitness classes in Pequannock, NJ, to suit different preferences. Some of the fitness classes in Pequannock, NJ, include the following:


Bootcamp is for when you want a vigorous workout that will help you increase your strength and cardiovascular fitness while decreasing your body fat. Bootcamp involves different kinds of interval training like lifting weights, plyometrics, sit-ups, pushups and pulling rubber TRX straps.


A barre is a pole attached to the wall that ballet dancers have traditionally used in warm-up exercises and practicing their techniques. Barre fitness classes borrow elements from Pilates and yoga as well as ballet. They help you improve your balance, strength, and range of motion.

Functional Training

Functional training was originally developed by physical therapists to help people with mobility problems regain the ability to carry out their daily lives. The class uses a variety of tools and emphasizes building strength in the abdomen and lower back.


Spin helps you increase your endurance, improve cardiovascular fitness and burn calories without putting stress on your joints. Generally, you can expect to ride stationary bikes to music.

Low-impact Exercises

Low-impact exercises are designed for people who are either just starting a fitness program after a long hiatus or have physical problems that hamper their ability to work out more strenuously. The exercises chosen will help you burn calories and strengthen your heart without hurting yourself.


Yoga combines meditation and breathing exercises with postures and movements to stimulate the body’s healing powers. It is based on a group of physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines that developed in India.

Most classes welcome a range of skill levels from novice to advanced. Contact Advanced Fitness & Wellness Center to learn more about fitness classes in Pequannock, NJ, or visit our website today.