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Posted by Judie langford on Mar 14, 2018 in Oil and Gas

Fuel Delivery Services in New Canaan, CT Include the Delivery of Oil

You can realize cost savings if you heat your home with oil. Not only is oil affordable, it is also a cleaner heating choice. In fact, oil heating is about 95% cleaner now than it was several decades ago. Because oil does not burn as a liquid, it is considered safer because it is non-combustible.

That is why fuel delivery services in New Canaan, CT provide homeowners with oil to heat their homes. Other benefits attributed to oil include the following:

  • Dependability – Oil continues to be produced in steady streams around the world.
  • Comfortable indoor temperatures – Oil provides an even temperature within the home.
  • Economy – Oil produces 40% more heat than propane or natural gas at the same price.
  • Cost-efficiency – If you convert to natural gas, it can end up costing over $10,000.
  • Delivery – You can choose who to deliver your oil, unlike other utilities.

Comparing Oil with Propane

When you compare oil heat with propane heat, you will want to focus on oil fuel delivery services. Oil has the same heating rating as propane when 85% of oil versus 95% of propane is used. Plus, propane is higher in terms of price. Therefore, you are not receiving the same value for what you are spending.

A Better Allocation of Heat

If you choose to make an upgrade to your oil heating system, it typically costs 50% of a natural gas conversion. In addition, oil fuel delivery services also provide as much as a 30% savings in energy. Therefore, it is easy to see why homeowners choose to heat their dwellings with oil. If you want to enjoy a warmer and more cost-effective environment during the winter, you owe it to yourself to further explore the benefits associated with oil.

Who to Contact

You can find out more about oil delivery by contacting a company such as Montanari Fuel Service, Inc. The same company that offers oil delivery provides yearly heating tune-ups as well. Having a tune-up lengthens the life of your equipment and lowers you energy bills. Therefore, see how this service and fuel delivery can benefit you and your home.