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Posted by on Apr 13, 2015 in Healthcare |

Free Your Mind of Worry with Freedom Alert

It has been more than a year since your spouse died, and you are beginning to worry about your own health as you rattle around that large house all by yourself. You are not sure what you will do if you fall or, even worse, have a heart attack or stroke. You could always move in with one of your children, but you do not want to inconvenience them. They have busy lives, after all, with careers and children of their own. The last thing they need is the burden of having to care for an aging parent. You are too young for an assisted living facility or nursing home and your mind is still sharp. You want to enjoy your freedom and independence as long as you can. Plus, you want to stay in the home where you raised your family. It has been your home for more than twenty years now. So, what can you do to give yourself protection, as well as peace of mind? Order Freedom Alert today!

What is Freedom Alert?

Freedom Alert is the bestselling non-monitored medical alert system in the United States of America. It is quick and easy to set up, and even easier to use. Everything you need comes right in the box. Simply plug in the base unit, program the numbers of up to four emergency contacts, and put the pendant around your neck. It really is that easy. With Freedom medical Alert emergency pendants, you’ll be covered no matter where you go on your property, inside or out. That’s because the base unit of Freedom Alert has a range of 600 feet, which is larger than most homes in the USA. The pendant even has a range tester so you can tell if you have wandered outside the zone of protection. Simply hold down the test button for five seconds. If you hear a message that says “All systems are okay”, then you are still in range of the base unit.

More about Freedom Alert

Freedom Alert comes with a pendant that is small, lightweight, and discreet. In fact, it is almost unnoticeable. You can wear it on a lanyard around your neck, on a belt clip, or around your wrist. It is also water-resistant so that it can be worn in the bathtub and shower where many slips and falls occur.

Best of all, the peace of mind that comes with Freedom Alert is affordable. It costs around $250, and there are never any monthly charges, service fees, or contracts. You simply pay the one-time fee for the unit, and protection is yours. Worrying about a fall, accident, or other medical emergency can be traumatic. How much is your peace of mind worth? It is priceless, call or visit SureSafe Medical Alerts today to order your Freedom Alert!