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Posted by on Aug 28, 2013 in Flooring |

Flooring In Topeka, KS Can Make Or Break A Room’s Design

Whether you are making a decision to re-decorate or to do a complete remodel of part of your home, you will need to think about the Flooring in Topeka, KS that is available to you. If you begin your project at the floor and build up from there, the entire room or rooms will have the character that you have in mind.

In bathrooms you will probably want to look at linoleum or other composite type of floor covering. The color and pattern of the floor will tell you what color you want the walls to be. It can also tell you how you want to provide accents, perhaps with wood light switch covers and towel racks. The pattern of your floor may even give you some ideas of how you want your shower enclosure to look. Would a frosted glass look better than a clear glass with etched patterns go best, or would you just like a shower curtain that can be changed out seasonally if you like.

In your dining area you might want to consider having a hard wood flooring. You can choose a dark colored walnut with lighter colored walls or turn it around and pick a paler colored flooring with darker walls. The color and materials of your dining furniture may even play a part in the wood flooring color.

You might want to color co-ordinate your bedrooms. You might choose a cushy blue carpet in the master bedroom and a tighter weave green or beige for the younger children’s room and even a brighter colored carpet for a guest room. Each room will come to be called after its carpet coloring. Your guest may stay it the “rust” room, meaning the room with the rust colored carpeting.

For the hall carpet you will want a carpet that can stand up to the traffic between rooms and your carpet choice for the living room may be chosen around the existing wall and window coverings that you want to keep.

All too often people take flooring for granted when they think about remodeling or re-decorating. If they would instead begin the design ideas with what Flooring they want they will be building a look with a solid foundation.