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Posted by on Dec 19, 2018 in Construction and Maintenance |

Fixing Crooked Doors in Honolulu

Fixing Crooked Doors in Honolulu

Fixing Crooked Doors in Honolulu involves more than adjusting the door hinges or frames. Doors that are out of square are an important symptom of more serious structural problems. The door started out square and in good operating condition. Then, the building foundation developed problems that caused the wall the door is located in to shift around the door causing it to also shift. The wall may have developed cracks and any windows may also be hard to open and close. The correct solution is to fix the foundation and straighten the wall which will allow the doors and windows to become square again.

How To Repair Crooked Doors and Windows

When a wall becomes compromised, it must be straightened. It will be crooked because the foundation it sits on has shifted. If proper repairs are not done, the situation will continue to get worse. The building owner should look for a foundation and cement repair company with experience in the unique soil and geotechnical conditions found in Hawaii. This company should have an engineering department and a good track record with customers.

The correct company, such as Structural systems Inc. will examine not only the Crooked Doors in Honolulu but the walls and the building foundation and the land it is sitting on. They will find the underlying cause of the shifting walls and crooked windows and doors. They will design a repair project that will permanently stabilize the building location, foundation, and walls. The building will be leveled, cracks repaired, and windows and doors put back into square. This can be more complicated than it appears on the surface.

The Underlying Causes

What is causing a wall to shift? Why are doors not opening properly? When a building’s foundations are located on shifting soil, they will crack and develop other structural problems. As the foundation breaks down, the integrity of the whole building will be affected. Walls will shift and develop cracks and doors and windows will become hard to open. The solution is to stabilize the land the building sits on with the latest techniques and products. Sometimes the repair systems cannot permanently fix the problem but can extend the time between repairs.

Parking decks, storm walls, patios, and other exterior structures are also affected by unstable soil conditions. But, they can all be repaired and stabilized. Contact Structural Systems Inc for more information. You can also visit them on Google My Business.