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Posted by on Jul 12, 2019 in Junk Removal |

Finding the Right Roll-Off Containers in Ft Lauderdale, FL for Home Renovation Projects

Finding the Right Roll-Off Containers in Ft Lauderdale, FL for Home Renovation Projects

Home renovation projects may create the need for roll-off containers in Ft Lauderdale FL for all the building materials that are removed. Roofing shingles, old siding, and demolished framework are just a few examples. Much of these materials can be recycled, so the workers back at the facility sort everything as needed.

Other Items

If the customers have other things they’d like to get rid of, they’ll need to ask a company representative whether it’s okay to combine certain items. The company may prefer that the materials removed for renovation be placed in a separate container from objects like old small appliances, broken vacuum cleaners, and a worn-out couch. Removed building materials, in contrast, are likely to include lumber, countertops, and cabinetry.

Prohibited Items

The company providing roll-off containers in Ft Lauderdale FL also has a list of things that are not allowed at all. Hazardous and flammable materials are at the top of the list. Examples include pesticides and herbicides, automotive fluids, and old vehicle batteries. Customers may be able to use the company’s services to get rid of old mattresses, TV sets, and refrigerators, but some organizations charge a small extra fee for these items. Tires cannot be included.

Sizing and Placement

These are relatively short-term projects, but the customers may still need to have the dumpster on-site for a week or more. Typically, the container is placed in the driveway, so the household residents must figure out how to manage that inconvenience regarding parking their vehicles. If the customers choose the largest container available, which might be 30 or 40 cubic yards, they may still fill it before they finish. They can call the company to have this one hauled away and another delivered.

Concluding Thoughts

Today, roll-off containers from a company like MST Dumpsters aren’t filled with piles of trash that are taken to a landfill. Instead, recycling as many materials as possible is a priority. Lumber, plumbing pipes, asphalt shingles, metal, and numerous other materials can be recycled into usable products. Anyone who needs to rent one of these containers may schedule an appointment at their convenience.