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Posted by on May 30, 2013 in Home Improvement |

Finding the Right Painting Contractor for Your Project

When seeking a professional painting contractor for your home project in Winchester, VA, it isn’t a good idea to hire the first guy who quotes a price, or indeed to opt for the cheapest price available. There are distinct practices that differentiate the excellent contractors from the mediocre or poor ones. If you want a paint job that lasts a while and that you don’t have to repaint in a year or two, there are specific qualities you should look for, and questions you should ask, before hiring a painting contractor.

Winchester, VA is populated with quite a few quality residential painting contractors in Winchester VA, most of which have insurance; still, it is better to ask and be sure than to assume and lose money. If they answer yes, that is not enough to satisfy you because unfortunately many contractors will say they are insured in order to get the contract, and hope that nothing happens requiring the use of insurance. It’s therefore necessary to obtain proof, including a certificate which states the painting contractor has Liability insurance, as well as proof of coverage for Workers Compensation.

Always ask for references as well when you are hiring a painting contractor from Winchester, VA. One of the first signs that you should probably move on is a contractor who is evasive when you ask for references. If they supply references that don’t pan out – such as phone numbers that are for pizza delivery or addresses for vacant lots – don’t hire them. Both written testimonies from former customers as well as contact information should be provided by professional painting contractors, and those without anything to hide will be glad to do so.

Ask what kind of experience they have with the particular project you have in mind. It’s better to hire a contractor who has done the kind of job you have in mind for obvious reasons. In fact, if they are heavy industrial painters but haven’t painted interior rooms in houses much, they might not be a great fit. You may also want to make sure that the contractor you hire can help with choosing the right color for the space it is intended if you need assistance in making the best choice. If not, that may not be a deal-breaker (there are other alternatives for getting help to choose colors), but it doesn’t hurt to ask. CertaPro Painters Of Winchester, VA color experts will take into consideration the style of your home and discuss with you to help choosing the right colors for your home.

It is probably important that the painting contractor Winchester VA you hire can back up the integrity of their work by offering a warranty. Ask if they have any policies on using products according to manufacturer’s recommendations, or if they will return to touch-up the job or perform maintenance for a period of time.