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Posted by Judie Langford on Apr 23, 2020 in Electricians

Find The Best Electrical Contractors To Hire In Salem, OR

Find The Best Electrical Contractors To Hire In Salem, OR

A home’s electrical wiring can often be a scary concept for many Salem area homeowners. Not only is electrical wiring dangerous to toy around with, it can often be difficult to fix without the right tools and experience necessary to do so. Many homeowners have put themselves into the hospital trying to fix a simple problem like a broken wall socket, due to them forgetting to turn off the breaker for that specific room or neglecting to be careful when handling the wiring inside the wall. Having professional electrical contractors in Salem OR handle the electrical repairs you need in your home can keep you and your family safer, and prevent any further damage to your home’s electrical wiring or breaker system as well.

The wiring in your home can often be difficult to reach, and easy to damage when you do have access to it. Pulling on wiring to try to get extra slack is always a big mistake, and many electrical contractors in Salem OR will advise you against it. It can cause your wiring to come loose in other areas where it’s connected, creating a fire hazard in the process due to sparking. When wiring isn’t long enough, it’s often easier for electrical contractors in Salem OR to splice into the existing wire to extend it, than to re-run a longer length of wire through your wall. Attempting to do a splice at home without the proper connectors for the splice itself can also cause a fire hazard due to sparking. Spliced wires should always be covered with splice connectors, which seal the wires in plastic or rubber insulators. If these aren’t available, electrical tape can work as well, but won’t be as safe.

One of the easiest ways to save money on electrical repairs, is by bundling various electrical problems in your home together to be repaired in one visit. Many electrical contractors in Salem OR charge for labor by the hour, as well as a visit fee. Having them repair multiple areas of your electrical wiring can help save both money and time. If you have faulty wall sockets in multiple rooms, light fixtures that need rewired, an exposed wire, or even a faulty breaker box, having them all done at once is much better than paying multiple times to get the repairs you need.