Find Dentists In Cinco Ranch For Wisdom Teeth Removal

by | Apr 7, 2015 | Dentistry

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While there isn’t a set age for when people need their wisdom teeth removed, most people who receive these extractions are between the ages of 18 and 24. Young people in Texas should talk with their Dentists Cinco Ranch about incoming molars and extraction options. Extractions are often a great source of anxiety for young people, but the oral surgery is extremely simple with a short recovery period.

Even though it might seem frightening at first, wisdom teeth removal is absolutely necessary. There are many reasons that a young person should seek to have their wisdom teeth extracted. If wisdom teeth are not removed, there could be serious side effects. Some of these side effects include the following:

  *    Tooth damage

  *   Inflamed gums

  *   Severe cavities

  *   Jaw pain and lasting damage

  *   Sinus complications

  *   Poor tooth alignment

The wisdom teeth are a set of molars behind a person’s normal teeth. These molars can press against the other teeth causing poor alignment and tooth damage. If the extra molars are pressing against the person’s normal teeth for too long, the teeth may actually shift inside a person’s mouth causing pain and other complications, such as inability to bite properly. Young patients who have worn braces can have all those years of alignment work reversed if they do not have their wisdom teeth extracted in a timely manner. Visit the site for complete details.

Beyond that, delaying the extraction can result in an infection. The infection will need to be cleared up with treatment involving antibiotics. Dentists Cinco Ranch and oral surgeons will not be able to extract the wisdom teeth until the infection has cleared up. This means prolonged suffering for the patient who is possibly experiencing pain from the incoming molars and the infection. It’s best to have wisdom teeth removed before they begin to break the gumline.

Gentle Dental Care offers tooth extractions for patients of all ages. They seek to offer a calming and gentle dental environment for young people who might be nervous about having their wisdom teeth removed. They will walk patients through the entire procedure and help them with recovery methods. To learn more about this office, click here ( to visit their website’s homepage.

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