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Posted by on Feb 11, 2019 in Heating and Air Conditioning |

Financing Heating and Air in Roswell

Financing Heating and Air in Roswell

Your HVAC unit is constantly working to make your home comfortable and livable so it comes as no surprise when something suddenly breaks down, homeowners immediately want to know their options.

There are a couple of things you should consider before proceeding to repair or replace heating and air in Roswell. Here are some of the most important ones.

Replacement Is Sometimes Better

While some HVAC units can be brought up to spec by skilled technicians who are quite familiar with the brand and make, there are some situations when the age of the HVAC unit simply doesn’t make it practical to continue repairing it.

The most common formula for determining whether you should continue having an HVAC unit repaired is the $5,000 rule.

Take the age of your HVAC unit and multiply it by the current cost of having it repaired. If the product of the computation exceeds $5,000, you are better off buying and installing a new HVAC unit.

Repair Quickly When Needed

Even brand new HVAC units suffer from factory defects and unforeseen problems. If your heating and air unit in Roswell seems to be under-performing, stop using it and immediately contact a specialist for an inspection.

Timely repair work ensures your HVAC unit won’t incur more damage than it already has. This preserves your unit for a longer lifetime of use.

Cost of HVAC

The cost of HVAC units varies widely depending on the size of the structure being ventilated, heated or cooled down.

Generally speaking, you would be spending anywhere between $1,500 to $5,100 for a new HVAC unit. Proper sizing for the equipment is essential. Undersized HVAC equipment is ineffective, power-hungry and will likely break down more easily because of overwork.

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