Fighting Cavities with the Help of Your General Dentist in Cherry Hill, NJ

by | Oct 9, 2014 | Dentist

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Nearly nine out of ten people suffer, or have suffered, from tooth decay, and many believe, wrongly, that it is impossible to avoid dental problems. Yet, simple precautions allow you to prevent them. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 60-90% of children in school, and the majority of adults, suffer from caries in developed countries. Check out the advice below from your local General Dentist in Cherry Hill NJ which will help you keep your smile beautiful!

Decay is not inevitable

Decay will threaten anyone at any time. On average, people say they have had at least one cavity in the last three years, and a quarter have suffered one in the past year. Of these, households with children are over-represented (39%) and 25-34 years (37%). Beyond these amazing numbers, citizens adopt a fatalistic approach to these problems. If 78% of them know untreated decay can affect the whole body, over half (51%) believe they would have sought help faster. Decay is not inevitable and can be avoided with some simple daily hygiene and adopting favorable eating habits. This is a reversible condition if treated early, but if it is at an untreated stage, decay can cause serious complications for the whole body.


Cavities strike at any age, affecting both the baby teeth and permanent teeth. The teeth of children and adolescents are more vulnerable. It is an infectious bacterial disease that progressively destroys a tooth’s hard tissue. Demineralization involves moving from the outside towards the inside of the tooth to form a cavity. A General Dentist in Cherry Hill NJ, distinguished from four stages in the absence of intervention:

* Destruction of enamel

* At this stage, the decay is silent.

* Aggression of the dentin

* The tooth becomes sensitive to cold, hot, sweets and acids.

* Attacking the pulp

* Violent pains occur, either spontaneously or when induced by heat or cold. Toothaches begin!

* The formation of an abscess

* Bacterial proliferation reaches the tissues around the tooth (bone, ligament, gingiva, etc.). While the initial pain has disappeared, more or less long term, an abscess may form and become very painful overnight.

It is imperative you seek help if you have a cavity. Decay won’t set in at the first sign of cavities, but waiting is the worst thing you could do. Contact dentist for more information.

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