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Posted by on Dec 13, 2017 in Metal |

Fiber Laser Cut Copper: Advantages Over Waterjet

Fiber Laser Cut Copper: Advantages Over Waterjet

In today’s world, fabricators face many challenges to make a profit while ensuring a quality product. They have to be able to flexible but keep expenses to a minimum. Productivity is a key component. They must always look at utilizing the latest technology to their advantage. For those who deal with copper, lasers are important. In fact, fiber laser cut copper offers advantages over waterjet cutting.

Fiber Laser and Waterjet Cutting

Precision is a requisite for those in metal cutting. When it comes to copper, this may create difficulties. As a reflective metal, it creates certain issues. Two of the most common means of slicing through this material are waterjet and fiber laser. Each process has its advantages.

Waterjet produces components with no HAZ (heat-affected zone). It is able to handle a vast array of materials including copper, glass, plastic, and wood. It can also slice easily and efficiently through materials as thick as 12”. However, fiber lasers also impress.

Fiber lasers:

 * Can cut through many materials including reflective or “yellow” ones. This makes laser cut copper an easy task to complete
 * Can perform a variety of processes including ablation, cutting, drilling, engraving, marking and welding
 * Provide high precision cuts, therefore, meeting exacting specifications
 * Can handle its tasks unattended, requiring little maintenance
 * Are very cost-effective

Yet, while fiber lasers may not yet be able to handle the thickness attacked easily by waterjets, it does produce products at a more rapid rate. This increases production levels.

Fiber Laser Cut Copper

Fabricators need to look at all aspects of their operation if they want to remain competitive. Waterjet or fiber lasers are two technologies that provide advantages. The two are complementary and can work together when it comes to reflective metals and other difficult material. However, in many instances fiber laser cut copper may prove to be the better option.