Features to Consider with Shower Enclosures in Dallas, TX

by | Mar 23, 2015 | Home Improvement

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The prospect of renovating the master bathroom is exciting, but it does involve making a lot of decisions. That includes taking a good look at different types of Shower Enclosures in Dallas TX. Here are a few ideas that will help the homeowner get started.

Frameless Enclosures

For people who love clean lines and like the idea of keeping the space as light and airy as possible, consider the idea of going with frameless Shower Enclosures in Dallas TX. The edges of the glass panels are cut so that they fit together neatly, without any sharp areas that could pose a safety hazard. The fact that there is no frame supporting the doors also means an easier time cleaning the space. With no metal framework to serve as a collection point for grime, all the homeowner will have to do is use basic glass cleaner to keep the space in great shape.

A Metal and Tile Approach

A more conventional style for framed Shower Enclosures in Dallas TX, typically focuses on solid glass doors with relatively simple framing around each door. Why not take a slightly different approach and go with a metal and tile approach that looks a lot like a set of French doors? This design sports a number of glass panes rather than a solid glass door, adding a little more architectural detail to the space. Instead of stainless steel, consider the idea of using an aluminum framework that is painted and sealed using one of the secondary colors of the scheme for the space.

How About Glass Blocks?

Many people have seen glass blocks used in the construction of waiting areas and other spaces in commercial office buildings. They provide a measure of privacy while also allowing light to come through with ease. Why not use this same approach for the creation of a shower enclosure? The blocks add a nice detail to the space, still allow for light to flow freely in the bathroom, and are just as easy to clean as any other type of glass.

For more ideas, talk with the team at Fashion Glass and Mirror. They can find the right type of enclosure for any bathroom and still keep the selection in line with the customer’s budget.

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