Facts About Veneers in Theodore, AL

by | Oct 24, 2014 | Dentistry

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Dental Veneers in Theodore AL, and crowns are two very similar excellent techniques that meet the requirements of quality. Maturely considered, a prior discussion with your doctor will allow you to proceed as to whether this procedure is a good fit. Clearly discussed specifications, informed consent and a treatment plan will inform you about the different stages of treatment. Talk with your dentist or continue reading if you would like to know more.

These techniques are systematically used if:

*   The teeth are damaged or worn

*   There are unsightly composite restorations

*   The teeth have a faulty alignment

*   The demand for a perfect smile is real

This requires the practitioner and their crew, a perfect mastery of all therapeutic and technological expertise.

How to veneers and crowns differ?

First of all, it is essential to know that in both cases the teeth are kept alive. To achieve a veneer, the visible surface of the tooth is reduced a few tenths of millimeters. It is replaced by a pure ceramic veneer. It’s a bit like placing a false fingernail, except this is on a tooth. Veneers in Theodore AL, are custom made by laboratory technicians, who are highly competent both technologically and aesthetically. This veneer is pure ceramic, that is to say, the same structure as your enamel.

A crown is a veneer that extends to the inside of the tooth. It compensates for losses due to structural composite scores. It is chosen as an enclosure of the teeth when veneers may not be suitable. Both projects provide excellent results both aesthetically and for the quality of gingival adaptation.

Sample path of aesthetic dental care

The first thing you’ll do is get x-rays and talk with the dentist about the course of your treatment. Next, the dentist will remove any existing dentures, prepare your teeth, and lay out your temporaries. Then they will treat your gums and certain roots, if necessary. Dentists try to keep as many natural teeth as possible, which ensures their longevity. Afterwards, fitting of permanent teeth occurs and then the complete installation of your mouth. Contact West Mobile Dental Care for more information.

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