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Posted by on Feb 22, 2021 in Painting |

Exterior Home Painting Preparation

Exterior Home Painting Preparation

When preparing for an exterior home painting in Naperville, IL, it is important that the exterior surfaces of the building have been properly readied. Following correct painting preparation procedures for exterior painting preparation can bring greater satisfaction with the end result. Rather than attempting a do it yourself project, you may want to plan on using a certified painting company. Either way, correct painting preparation for the outside of your home is crucial to a desirable finished product.

Chances are if you are having the exterior of your home repainted it has probably got a layer of old paint currently in place that you are unsatisfied with. If the current house paint is chipping, fading, rotting, or stained the first thing you want to have done is a power wash. House painting in Naperville, IL, can be simplified by hiring a professional painting company who has the correct equipment for the job. Power wash equipment can be expensive if purchased independently. Consider renting out the equipment from a paint company, or seeing how much they would charge for exterior prepping services. Most likely, it will be much less expensive and time consuming to have a professional come and preform the power wash.

A good power wash will remove any chipped, rotted, or loose old paint from the surface of the home. This ensures that the new paint will have a smooth even surface to adhere to, and that the old paint won’t flake off, taking the new paint with it. If a power wash is the only exterior preparation you are doing, be sure that after having a power wash performed on the surfaces of the exterior that the surfaces have completely air dried before applying any paint.

Another consideration you may want to make before receiving an exterior house painting in Naperville, IL, is if there is any previous damage to the exterior surfaces of the home. Some of the same painting companies who can perform power wash services are also licensed to do exterior repairs. Not only can they often repair damaged walls, but deck repair and resealing are good ways to get the exterior of your home back into good repair and looking clean and crisp.

Exterior house painting can be simple if the correct preparations and considerations have been made. Planning ahead and taking the correct steps to make your home ready for its new paint job will raise your odds of satisfaction with the new exterior.

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