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Posted by on Aug 5, 2019 in Business |

Events During Which a Rented Portable Toilet Is an Absolute Necessity

Events During Which a Rented Portable Toilet Is an Absolute Necessity

If there’s one thing that everyone holds in common, it’s the need to answer nature’s call. This fact of life illustrates the need to utilize portable toilet rental in Port St Lucie, FL, when planning for an event. To ensure you’re never caught off guard, then, here are a few events where portable toilets should always be part of your event planning budget.


That picture-perfect farm wedding may look great in pictures or on social media, but it can pose some logistical challenges that you’ll want to plan for. Among these challenges is a potential lack of adequate restroom facilities. This fact is easy to overlook as you plan for the more “fun” elements of your big day. However, if you overlook this key component, you could find yourself and your guests in a lot of misery. To add an elegant touch to your day, most services offering portable toilet rental Port St Lucie, FL, feature more upscale restroom trailers that let you forget you’re in a portable toilet at all.

Sports Tournaments

In most cases, a Saturday morning soccer game won’t require a trip to the restroom, meaning no restroom facilities are needed at the venue. However, if that same venue is holding a soccer tournament or a day-long event, the need for portable toilets becomes abundantly clear. With multiple games happening over the span of several hours, anyone who is attending throughout the day will eventually need a place to “go.” Help make your tournament a success by offering portable restroom facilities for your event attendees.


If you run a small agri-tourism farm that allows people to pick their own produce, you likely have only limited restroom facilities. Normally, these limited facilities are adequate as the number of customers is spread over a long period of time. However, if you plan to hold some type of festival or large event, such as a pumpkin festival, you’ll definitely need the added capacity that portable toilets offer. Your limited facilities will result in long lines, and if you’re on septic service, your septic system may not be able to keep up. Save yourself and your guests from major headaches by renting some portable toilets.

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