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Posted by on Mar 23, 2020 in Plumbing |

Ensure Your Drains Flow Properly With Drain Cleaning in Suffolk County, NY

Ensure Your Drains Flow Properly With Drain Cleaning in Suffolk County, NY

Drainage problems in your home can be a real pain. For instance, when the sink gets a clog, even a partial one, the water simply won’t drain anywhere. You can try and eliminate this problem with store bought chemicals which may get the water flowing, depending on where the clog is. Alternately, you might try plunging the problem away using a rubber plunger or compressed air canisters. However, plunging typically just pushes the clog out of the way enough for the water to flow past.

If the clog is in a sink you might be able to remove the problem simply by cleaning the trap in the cabinet under the sink. However, if you don’t know what that is you might be better off calling a professional who is experienced in drain cleaning in Suffolk County, NY. The trap is that U or S shaped pipe connected close to the sink. It’s primary purpose is to trap gas and sewer smells in the pipe by catching a little bit of water in the bend. Unfortunately, it can also capture many other things like hair, food and grease.

Of course, sink traps are an easy problem to fix. The tough jobs in drain cleaning in Suffolk County, NY include the sewage lines that lead from your home to either a septic tank or a municipal sewage system. When these lines clog it usually requires a drain snake to push the clog out of the way. This flexible line is designed to snake it’s way around the various curves in a sewage line which is how it got it’s name. Unfortunately, snaking a line only eliminates the current problem.

To reduce the possibility of future drain clogging situations your plumber should inspect the pipes. This task is handled by a tool similar to the pipe snake. This tool will have a video system installed instead of the auger used to punch through the clog and it’s primary purpose is to determine the conditions of the sewer pipes. It is used to tell if the pipes are damaged and whether they are capable of handling a high pressure washing system. Cleaning your drain lines with this type of wash is the best way to reduce the likelihood of another clog returning soon. Contact Best/Flo Sewer & Drain Cleaning Co., Inc., to get best drain cleaning services.