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Posted by on Aug 10, 2016 in Water Sports |

Enjoy the Ride on Floating Tubes

Enjoy the Ride on Floating Tubes

The perfect combination of relaxation and exhilaration, floating tubes provide endless fun the whole day long. These inflatable water tubes are attached to the back of a boat that tugs the tube and the riders along for the trip. Most boats come equipped with a place to attach a towline to pull the tube. Once inflated, the tube is securely attached and off you go.

Floating tubes are a great way to enjoy the water. By choice, some riders will want a relaxing ride that is calm and easy for them to hold onto the tube. Alternatively, the tube can skim across the boat’s wake for an enthralling experience. Twists and turns can mean added difficulty for those on the tube, and added enjoyment for the boaters watching the fun.

Make Tubing More Safe

To make sure the fun does not end on a sour note, it is important to obey boating laws and safety rules. Each lake or community will have its own set of rules in addition to those common to all lakes and rivers, such as not driving a boat while intoxicated. Some rules will likely relate to boats with water skiers and tubers.

Drivers and boat riders should know and respect the capabilities of the tubers, and plan the boat’s course accordingly. Additionally, some lakes, and common sense, will require that boaters use a spotter to see if a tuber falls into the water. Always be informed of the rules before setting out for the day in order to avoid fines or injuries.

Make Tubing More Enjoyable

A new wave of water tube models means the floats are even more fun. Floating tubes are designed to be safer and more easily controlled. Many are created as much for comfort as for staying afloat. Extra handles, seat cushions, and storage spaces are just some of the features that make these new floats irresistible.