Enjoy the Atmosphere with a Bed and Breakfast in Reading

by | Oct 24, 2013 | Hotels And Motels

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When travelling the UK, a must see stop should be the town of Reading.  This little nook is rich with history and culture.  There are many attractions known only to this area, including the picturesque ruins of the richest abbey in medieval Britain.   You and your significant other can enjoy all the pleasures of a bed and breakfast in reading.

Reading is set in the most beautiful area of the Thames river valley.  It enjoys a great view of the Thames and Kennet rivers, as well as, lush and green hills.  The thatched cottages and pubs give Reading an old time atmosphere.  It is also surrounded by many, very old, towns and towns and villages.  The richest abbey in history, can be found in Reading.  Founded by Henry I in 1121, this abbey made Reading on e of the most influential places in the Thames valley.  Now in ruins, it is still a necessary stop for any visitor.

History enthusiasts can get great enjoyment from the rich background of this area. Rainbows Lodge hotel in London can give you luxury accommodations while visiting this quaint city.  There are several museums that can provide a detailed history of the area, as well as, the world.  The Museum of Zoology boasts of many skeletons and zoological specimens for one to observe.  The Museum of Greek Archaeology contains the largest collection of Greek ceramics in Great Britain.  The Blake’s Lock Museum can give you insight to the history of the areas waterway life. This also includes detailed information about travel, trade and industry throughout Reading’s existence.

Some aspects can give you a feel as if, the area was lost in time.  However, this unofficial city also offers many modern features, as well.  There are many restaurants and shops to keep your grounded in the present. The apartments in Rainbows Lodge can give you all the amenities of home while visiting this lovely city.   Your visit can be a stimulating and relaxing enjoyment of nature and history.  The vibrant people of the area can offer a wealth of fun and excitement during your stay.  A bed and breakfast at Rainbows Lodge Reading could be the perfect vacation for anyone.





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