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Posted by on Feb 14, 2019 in Dentist |

Emergency Treatment

Emergency Treatment

When you dislodge a tooth, make sure to pick it up carefully to place it back into its socket, but you shouldn’t wash it. Have a friend drive you to a dentist in Chicago for emergency treatment as fast as possible. When you arrive at the dentist’s office, you will have a fast examination with the collection of an X-ray. A dentist will clean the tooth and your mouth before attempting to stabilize it in your gum tissue or alveolar bones. This process may include using wires or other metal devices around the tooth to keep it in place. The devices or wires are wrapped around nearby teeth to hold the dislodged tooth in the correct position.

Dislodged Teeth

You must follow your dentist’s advice after this emergency procedure, including consuming a soft diet and taking antibiotics to prevent infection. If you notice any strange problems with your gums, then you should alert your dentist right away. In some cases, the reattachment of a dislodged tooth will fail, but the goal of this procedure is for the roots to integrate with the alveolar bones and gum tissue. This process can take several weeks, but if it works, then you have saved a natural tooth.

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If the dislocated tooth fails to attach, then there are other options for replacing the tooth, and a dentist in Chicago can offer advice about dental restorations. You can replace a missing tooth with a dental bridge that often remains inside the mouth. This appliance is made to hold one or more crowns, and it looks natural inside the mouth. Alternatively, you can have a dental implant inserted into your gum tissue and jawbone. To learn more about the dental services at Art of Modern Dentistry, visit our website at