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Posted by on Apr 13, 2018 in Pest Control |

Eliminating Termite Infestations With the Assistance of Pasadena Exterminators

Eliminating Termite Infestations With the Assistance of Pasadena Exterminators

Maryland is home to eastern subterranean termites that can cause serious damage to buildings. Often, by the time a property owner notices an infestation or sees signs of it, a significant amount of damage has already occurred. Pasadena Exterminators assist in eradicating the bugs from buildings and implementing preventive measures against future invasions.

About Eastern Subterranean Termites

These termites build their nests underground. Their colonies can eventually grow to more than a million in number. They consume large amounts of wood because cellulose is their preferred form of food. Sometimes, people first notice the bugs when they swarm from a building in large numbers. These swarming insects instinctively head out from the colony in search of new mates. In other cases, a mud tube that termites build to travel along the ground surface while remaining hidden from view is the first sign of trouble.

Social Categories

Termites have three social categories. The kings and queens do the reproducing, making sure the colony keeps growing. Soldiers protect the colony, and workers gather the cellulose to bring back to the nest. Most termites do not live more than a couple of years, but kings and queens can stay alive for up to 30 years.

The Importance of Professional Help

Eliminating termite infestations without professional help from Pasadena Exterminators is nearly impossible. Only licensed pest control technicians can buy the most effective treatments, and they have the training and knowledge to understand how to manage the proper use of those chemicals. People without this training tend to only succeed in disturbing the colony, killing some of the insects but causing most of them to scurry away and start doing damage elsewhere in the building.

A Combination of Strategies

Technicians from a company like Accutech Pest Management use a combination of strategies to eliminate the problem. They typically establish baited areas that include a pesticide as well as applying liquid insecticide in the appropriate areas. They offer tips on how to discourage termites from taking up residence near the building. An example would be eliminating any dead wood, like firewood, dead trees and stumps, and downed tree limbs relatively close to the house. Information on these exterminators can be seen at