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Posted by on Oct 28, 2014 in Sports And Games |

Earn Dive Certification in Key Largo

Diving in Florida’s waters is a magical experience many people would love. Divers get to see the world from a different angle. They get to see one of the most beautiful parts of the world and enjoy the feeling of weightlessness. This kind of experience is enjoyed by new and experienced divers every day in the “dive capital of the world.” Thanks to Florida’s clear and calm waters, divers ranging with all levels of experience can enjoy excursions to one of the many designated areas for reef dives or shp wreck dives. There are two kinds of dive certification, and it’s important to be properly certified in order to make a dive. Dive certification is just an instructional class helping divers to make sure they have the basic skill needed to make a safe dive.

Earning dive certification in Key Largo requires the diver to show knowledge of a few basic skills. The diver begins by showing that they can prepare for a dive and dress in the proper suit. Next, they must show that they can assemble and test the scuba equipment. The diver must show that they can breath from the demand valve. Recovering and clearing the demand valve, and clearing the mask of water is required. Using the buoyancy weights and buoyancy controller is essential. The diver must also demonstrate basic finning skill and maneuverability. The diver must also show that they can make controlled ascents and descents. Equalization of ears and other air passages is important. The diver must also show that they can assist another diver in by providing air from their own supply.

In order to earn dive certification in Key Largo, the diver must show a basic understanding of underwater physiology and physics. The underwater environment is by nature hostile, and requires that a diver understand the risks and dangers involved with a dive. In most cases there is little to no risk involved, but the diver must still be aware of the possibility of harm. Instructors will help new divers understand the risks, experienced dives are expected to fully understand that they could be placing themselves in harms way.