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Posted by on Jul 29, 2019 in Legal Services |

Early Indicators You Need A Minnesota Car Accident Attorney

Early Indicators You Need A Minnesota Car Accident Attorney

The majority of vehicle accidents that occur daily across Minnesota are those categorized as fender benders, or accidents that occur at low rates of speed and cause small to moderate amounts of cosmetic damage to the vehicle.

In other accidents, typically those occurring at higher rates of speed, significant types of damage can be done to vehicles, but it is the injuries caused to drivers and passengers that are the most significant.

Knowing the type of accident, the damage, and the injuries is essential in determining if a car accident attorney is required for your case. Involving the attorney early in the process is always the best option, and it provides time for the lawyer to gather evidence and present your case.

Debilitating Injuries or Death

If there are significant and long-term, debilitating injuries, or even if there is the anticipation of shorter times away from work or your regular daily activities, contacting a car accident attorney should be a priority. In the event of a death in the accident, an attorney specializing in vehicle accidents should be involved as quickly as possible.

Low Offer From Insurance Company

It is very common for the insurance companies in Minnesota to make a rapid, low offer in the hopes the individuals accept the offer and settle the claim. This is particularly problematic if there are ongoing medical issues to consider, or if there is the potential for complications during recovery and rehabilitation.

A car accident attorney can represent the client, or the survivors in the event of a death, in obtaining a fair and complete settlement.

Delay in Communication

It is prevalent in the process for insurance companies to also delay communication or to attempt to make the process as complicated and slow as possible. Working with an attorney eliminates this stress and also keeps the claim moving through the system, ensuring a faster settlement.