Ear Problems Need The Attention Of ENT Physicians In Egg Harbor Township NJ

by | Dec 30, 2015 | Business

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Ear, nose and throat problems can begin early in life. Children can have problems hearing and develop fluid in their ears which may require surgical intervention to correct. Sinus infections or infections in the throat can be common. A visit to ENT Physicians Egg Harbor Township NJ can begin the process of correcting the problem. Chronic sore throats, lesions in the throat, hearing loss and problems with an individual’s sinuses should receive proper medical care. ENT is an abbreviation for ear, nose and throat. This type of doctor is highly trained in treating individuals that have problems in any of these three areas.

The ear, nose and throat area are all connected in some fashion in a human body. Drainage from the sinus area can irritate a throat. Sinus problems can create a hearing problem within the ears. Voice disorders that occur can be treated by ENT Physicians Egg Harbor Township NJ. Sleep apnea is another area that an ENT can address. Sleep apnea occurs when an individual stops breathing during their sleep and begins breathing again. This disorder can cause irritability, weight gain, excessive snoring and dramatically affect an individual’s overall health. It should be treated through a proper sleep study to determine the cause of the blockage of air.

An ENT can properly diagnose oral and throat cancer. A chronic cough can come from a variety of things. Smoking, allergies, chronic exposure to mold or dust are only a few things that can cause this type of problem. Determining what the cause of the cough is can lessen the stress on an individual’s body from constantly coughing. The inability to properly breathe through the nose is cause for concern and treatment. If an individual has had a broken nose, there is a good chance the septum has been damaged. Polyps can also develop in the nose and sinuses that block the airflow. An ENT like Louis J Rondinella MD PA can perform a thorough examination and determine the cause of the blockage with a fiber optic endoscope. The English and Spanish speaking staff is caring, compassionate and aid in the processing of feeling better through proper treatment.

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