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Posted by on Jan 3, 2019 in Automotive |

Dual Friction Clutches 101

Dual Friction Clutches 101

For those that only drive automatics, a clutch can seem like some sort of black magic. But for those of us that prefer to drive stick, we love our clutches! Yet, many of us don’t really know that much about them.

What is a Dual Friction Clutch?

There are four major components that make up dual friction clutches: the pressure plate, the clutch discs, the floater plate, and the flywheel. The flywheel is bolted to the crankshaft in the same way that it would be for a single disc clutch. Next will come the first clutch disc, the floater plate, and then the second clutch disc. All of these parts will add additional friction surfaces, and they will multiply the surface area of the clutch itself.

Who Needs a Dual Friction Clutch?

It is a bit difficult to know on your own whether or not you need a dual friction clutch or if a single disc will do just fine. Technology is constantly changing, and that includes in the car industry as well. The dual friction clutch set-up can alleviate a lot of the strenuous effort on the pedals. It is one of the biggest benefits of going with the dual friction action!

With minimal effort on the pedals, the holding capacity will be light years ahead of the single disc options. A daily commuter car can tick up a lot of miles in the course of a week, and if your everyday car is beastly like the Mustang, the dual friction clutch may be the best option.

While most people choose the dual disc on cars that are highly modified or on cars with a lot of horsepower, it doesn’t necessarily have to be used only in those situations. You can have a baseline, stock car, and you can easily use the dual disc. You will get smoother engagement and a lot of torque.

Ready to Make the Upgrade?

If you are ready to switch out your single disc clutch for a dual friction option, Raybestos Powertrain is your source for quality goods. With 115 years of innovation behind them, Raybestos provides the high-quality aftermarket auto parts that the world needs. On top of the excellent inventory, they also deliver outstanding customer service. You will always find that their products are reliable! No matter what type of auto parts you are searching for, dual friction clutches or anything else, Raybestos Powertrain has exactly what you need, when you need it.