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Posted by on Sep 25, 2019 in Electrician |

Don’t Take Your Electrical Needs for Granted. Hire a Commercial Electrical Contractor in Zionsville

Don’t Take Your Electrical Needs for Granted. Hire a Commercial Electrical Contractor in Zionsville

When you are designing a new building, moving into a new one or adding services to the current building that you are in, the electrical service can make or break your day. From the security, to lights and computers, you have always taken your electrical service for granted. It is important to have a commercial electrical contractor Zionsville, that can meet your electrical needs. From initial installation, to additions or repairs, you want to know that the lights will come on with the flip of a switch, anything less could spell disaster.

During the design process of a new building, there are regulations and requirements that the state and local government require. A commercial electrical contractor in Zionsville at Burtner Electric can help your architect make sure that everything is in place. During the building process, they will work closely with the designer to make sure everything is in place as it should, and will have the necessary inspections done during the process. Your needs will vary depending on the business that you are hoping to house in the facility. If you are wanting to start up a restaurant or bakery, you will need stronger current. An office with computers, an employee kitchen and electronic security system requires different distributions of electricity.

If you are moving to a new location, you may want to consult with a electrical contractor Zionsville. He or she will make sure you have the outlets and power that you will need to keep your business moving seamlessly as you expand or move. Are the outlets able to handle several computers at one time, can the circuits handle your printing equipment or kitchen needs? If you are remodeling the building that you are currently in, you may need to update the service, install additional outlets or add a more sophisticated system, that includes back-up generators and power-surge protection. Perhaps, you need to upgrade your lighting systems from the old-fashioned fluorescent bulbs to the more energy efficient LED lights that cut your electrical bills and might qualify you for discounts or rebates. Whatever your needs, a commercial electrical contractor Zionsville is just a phone call away.