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Posted by on Jan 28, 2014 in Moving |

Don’t Make Mistakes When Hiring Movers

If you have studied the options and decided against moving yourself, then the next step is to hire the best movers. There are many movers in Arroyo Grande that are listed in the yellow pages but getting the best can often pose a challenge. To help you get the best movers, pay attention to these few tips which should help you avoid companies that will not serve you well.

  • Quotes: Although there are many movers available, it is not necessary to get offers from all of them of course, but you should get quotations from at least three different companies. Once you have received the quotes you can compare the costs and services. Pick what appears to be the best and ask for references that you can contact, the best price is not always the best service.
  • Home visit: Never accept a quotation over the phone; always insist that the estimator visit your home. Many companies will base their estimates on the number of bedrooms in your house for example and not know in advance that you have a grand piano and all your furnishings are antiques. The mover must see what they are going to move before they can provide an honest, accurate estimate otherwise you will find they charge extras on the day of the move.
  • Inventory list: Although the successful mover will create a detailed packing list as the move progresses, for estimate assistance it helps considerably if you provide the estimator with an inventory list of that which will be going with you. In this way the movers will know if there is anything special to move as well as what will be left behind or sold.
  • The choice: Be careful who you chose, the least expensive is not always the right choice. If you compare your quotes and find one of the movers in Arroyo Grande have given a very low price odds are they should be avoided. There are unscrupulous people in the moving business that attempt to lure you with low prices only to bump the price with extras on the planned moving day.
  • Extra charges: Do not assume that everything is included in the quote. There may be extra charges if the move is from the second story, perhaps the van has to park some distance from your house and the furnishings will have to be carried some distance before loading.

Take your time; ask the right questions of the right companies and you can plan on having a stress free and successful move.

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