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Posted by on Jun 4, 2015 in Business |

Does Your Building In San Antonio Texas Have A Pleasing Exterior Appearance?

Does Your Building In San Antonio Texas Have A Pleasing Exterior Appearance?

Some may say – “who cares about the outside just so long as it’s nice inside”; but, think about it. Even if we are only talking about your domestic residence; shouldn’t you have a sense of pride about how others may see it? Even if you are not worried at the thought of visitors cringing before seeking admittance; there could come a day when you might wish to sell the property and, in real estate, curb value is important. A shabby, unpainted house is not going to command the best price (regardless of how well maintained it might be inside). As for places of business, it should be obvious that potential customers will hurry on by if they do not like the look of the place when approaching it.

External Decoration

There are many types of fancy claddings and sidings that can be used to beautify the outside of any building along with various purely decorative items; but, for almost everything, some painted surfaces are bound to be part of the picture. The application of paint to a surface does far more than simply adding a bit of color to it. The paint effectively seals off the surface and adds a layer of protection to the underlying material. Unfortunately, even the best of paints will deteriorate with the passage of time and external redecoration will always be with us. A good side effect of this being that it gives us a regular opportunity to combine repainting with remodeling and put on a new face as it were.

So, What Is Paint?

Paint is usually supplied as a liquid mix of binder, carrying agent or thinner (sometimes called the vehicle) and pigments to give it color. When spread relatively thinly over a surface, the carrier will dry out and the binder will adhere to the surface which will become colored by the pigments in the paint. This is basically a simple process but it can become complicated when it comes to the selection of ingredients that go into the paint. These ingredients have to be carefully selected for compatibility with the surface that they are going to be applied to and the function that the paint is expected to perform.

In a humid climate like San Antonio’s; an external paint not only has to resist sunlight and weathering but it should also include mold inhibitors. In addition, for some new, unpainted surfaces; a primer or undercoat might be needed to improve adhesion of the colored topcoat.

Who Applies The Paint?

For any work involving exterior painting in San Antonio it is always possible to take the DIY route but many people feel that they lack the skills, time and inclination to get the job done well in a reasonably short time. Fortunately for them, professionals like those at the firm of Shaw Company Remodeling are readily available to do the job for them.