Do You Need STD Testing In Newtown, OH?

by | May 29, 2015 | Healthcare

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There is nothing worse than waiting in the emergency room. People may not have a choice if they have strep throat with a fever and pain. Well, they could be treated at an urgent care center. The clinics treat most illnesses with a quicker turnaround that the E.R. People also choose the E.R. because they cannot get an appointment with a primary care physician (PCP.) This country faces a critical shortage of PCP’s, and that is not likely to change. People want immediate access to a doctor, and that is what urgent care offers.

Experts say the only time one should choose the E.R. over urgent care is if there is a major medical emergency. Such events would be a stroke, heart attack, or serious accident. Urgent Care clinics treat most illnesses and even perform diagnostic testing. If you need STD Testing in Newtown OH, visit Eastside Urgent Care. Visit the website at and check the hours. The hours are one of the main things patients prefer. Urgent care has evening and weekend hours. Therefore, people do not have to lose time from work to visit the doctor. Urgent care centers should not be confused with retail clinics like they have at drug stores. Most of the time, these clinics are staffed by nurse practitioners. Patients are able to see an M.D. at an urgent care center. More than 20,000 physicians practice urgent care medicine. Further, there are over 10,000 urgent care facilities in the U.S.

Urgent Care facilities will be around for a while. The latest figures show the U.S. will need over 50,000 physicians to meet health needs by 2025. This does not bode well as most young people choose specialized areas of medicine rather than primary care. Insurance companies may order their clients to use urgent care rather than the emergency room. The country could save millions of dollars if this were the case. Eastside Urgent Care handles STD testing in Newton OH. Additionally, they treat minor cuts and bruises, family medicine (high blood pressure, migraines, etc.,) asthma, colds and sports injuries. Don’t wait for hours in the E.R., visit your local urgent care clinic.

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