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Posted by Judie Langford on Feb 28, 2014 in Shopping

Do You Fancy Flavorz By Joe?

Obviously taste affects the way you answer this and there are a growing number of enthusiasts who proclaim Flavorz By Joe to be the absolute best ever made by anyone anywhere. However, there are even more people who either have never heard of Flavorz By Joe; or do not fully understand the question. This majority group would more than likely want to point out the spelling error for “flavors” (as in the dictionary definition of the distinguishing taste of food and drink).

Think Advertising Speak & Google It

If you simply type in “flavorz” gets you a lot of hits; mainly to do with food; from a very swanky restaurant in China; though all sorts of small USA eateries; to purveyors of tea and spices. However, when you search for Flavorz By Joe; enlightenment dawns and you find out that they are flavored liquids that users of E-Cigarettes Vaporize in their devices in order to inhale the flavored vapor – an act known as vaping. Often, the word will be written as FlavorZ; but even this isn’t quite correct; it should be :- FLAVORZ BY JOE; which is the registered trademark for FLAVORZ USA owned by Purebacco USA, LLC.

Founded By Enthusiasts

FLAVORZ USA started life in 2012 when a group of committed vapers; that included a flavorist called Joe; a 5 star chef; a specialist in essential oils; a herbalist and a chemical scientist joined forces to pool their experiences in mixing their own flavored vaping juices. Their aim was to producing the best flavored vapor yet. Their first release pleased the vaping fraternity and success followed success; until, with a capital injection from one Akston Hughes (a pioneering entrepreneur in the e-cigarette industry) Purebacco was formed and now employs some 25 people. Their Flavorz By Joe liquids are now being sold through just about all the major e-cig outlets at home and abroad. They are known for quality, innovation and their unique signature blends combining widely different taste sensations with a background taste similar to the very best of tobacco blends.

If you look at their range of vaping fluids; you could be forgiven for thinking that you are in a gourmet food and beverage establishment. Flavorz By Joe include tobacco tastes, bakery tastes, coffee, tea, dessert treats, fruits and berries and the range is constantly extending – if you vape; you can’t help but fancy them.

You can try out the range; or re-stock on your favorite Flavorz By Joe at the online store of