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Posted by on May 12, 2021 in Lawyers |

Divorce Attorneys in Kansas City Can Answer Your Questions About Dissolving Your Marriage

Divorce Attorneys in Kansas City Can Answer Your Questions About Dissolving Your Marriage

No one gets married to the intention of getting divorced at a later date, and few people plan for an end to their marriage before it begins. Prenuptial agreements can resolve a lot of issues, but they aren’t used in many cases since couples planning to get married are generally deeply in love and can’t fathom a day when they’ll be facing the person they marry in divorce court. The first step when you seek to end your marriage is to look for top divorce attorneys in Kansas City.

Couples on the verge of a divorce have a lot of questions. If you’ve never been though it before, you should get legal representation right away so you know the right and wrong things to do during the divorce process. Divorce attorneys in Kansas City are used to answering clients’ questions, and they understand that you don’t know what to expect. You may have heard about child and spousal support, but don’t know how they work or if you are entitled to either of them. You may also need to know how the property you owned before your married will be handled by the court. An attorney such as Kelly, Symonds & Reed, LLC might help you navigate through the issues that need to be addressed during a divorce. Matters such as division of real estate, custody of minor children, and support for either a non-working spouse or the custodian of the children must all be resolved before a divorce decree can be issued and you can move on with your life.

Divorce attorneys in Kansas City handle a wide range of cases. Whether you were only married for a couple of years and haven’t purchased any property together or you were together for a long time and had a few children and lots of assets, your attorney has probably had a client in a situation similar to yours. Because walking away from your marriage with your fair share of assets is important, you need a lawyer. The costs for divorce representation depend mostly on the complexity of the case, so you can expect to pay less without children or complex assets such as a business or scattered real estate investments. Click here to learn more.