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Posted by on Oct 20, 2015 in Lawyers and Law Firms |

Discuss ERISA Pension and Welfare Benefits with a Lawyer

Discuss ERISA Pension and Welfare Benefits with a Lawyer

As many people are reaching the age of retirement, they’re starting to look into their retirement plans more. 60% of the people who will be retiring in the next few years have an amount of money set aside for their retirement and many of the rest plan to live from their pensions and social security. If a person is planning on retiring in the next few years, they’re going to want to look into their pension plans to find out how much they’ll receive.

The ERISA (Employee Retirement Security Act) of 1974 covers ERISA Pension and Welfare for most people living in the United States. It is meant to protect the employees and ensure they can protect their interests in employee benefit plans, which include pensions, 401ks and more. This act dictates what documents have to be provided to an employee when requested and dictates what measures can be taken to remedy any problems with the person’s pension or other employee benefit plan. If a person wants to ensure they have received all required documents or has a question about their plan, they can contact a lawyer for help.

If the employer doesn’t give the person the necessary documents or the person feels they’re not receiving the full amount they’re supposed to, they can speak with a lawyer who works with ERISA Pension and Welfare to get answers. The lawyer can review any information the person does have and attempt to contact the employer to receive the rest of the documents. If the employer has not followed the ERISA Act, the lawyer can take the appropriate steps to remedy the situation and ensure their client has the appropriate amount from their benefit plan so they can prepare for their retirement.

If you’re planning on retiring, you don’t have to try to figure out your pension and welfare on your own, so if there is something you don’t understand or you’re not sure everything is correct, go ahead and contact a lawyer right away; they’re familiar with the ERISA Act and similar legislation and they can help you ensure you receive everything you’re supposed to. For more information or to speak with a lawyer today, visit now.

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