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Posted by on Apr 17, 2019 in Business Services |

Discover 2 Insanely Smart Ways to Run a Promotional Bike Campaign

Discover 2 Insanely Smart Ways to Run a Promotional Bike Campaign

Brand engagement is all about creating memorable experiences that keep people talking about your business. The key is to surprise and delight your community with something they don’t expect, giving your audience strong incentive to spread the word. Custom promotional bikes offer the brand visibility you need to reach a bigger audience and the novelty factor to grab attention in a good way.

However, it’s not enough to slap your logo on a pedicab or delivery trike and wait for waves of new customers to roll in. Showcase your fleet of promotional bikes as part of a larger multi-channel marketing strategy. Use these creative ideas to engage your local community and generate lasting business.

1. Create a Photo Op

The best way to stand out is to make a display the public can’t ignore. What product, symbol or concept instantly conjures an image of your brand? How can you present this concept in a way that makes people laugh, smile or feel sentimental? For example, turn heads by topping a vendor trike with a giant food item. Another simple idea is to have your cyclists dress in hilarious costumes. Just make sure you choose friendly brand ambassadors who are good at getting passersby to chat, snap photos and try out your products.

2. Host a Bike Hunt

Learn from the success of pop culture sensations, such as “Where’s Waldo” and Pokemon Go. Consumers love a chance to crack clues, win prizes and earn a bit of online notoriety. Send your cyclists to locations around town with special prizes. Then provide clues on social media to help your followers guess where to find them. Interactive contests are great incentive because they encourage people to take photos, share theories and routinely engage with your brand online.

Promotional bikes have a wide range of applications, depending on which features are most important for your brand. Get the most out of your investment by leveraging the top advantages of custom trikes: mobility and word-of-mouth impact.